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Get fit and zumba

Our fabulous choreographer, Drashti is offering Zumba classes to help you get fit, tone, and dance your way back to a great figure! Zumba is based on Latin American dance moves but is a fitness regimen that has taken the world by storm. It’s great for cardio!

So if you’re like me and hate jogging, running and the gym, why not take a zumba classes, meet other people like you and most importantly, have fun! Get fit and do zumba in Barnet.

Zumba was founded in 1998 by Pérez in Cali, Colombia. Pérez, an aerobics instructor, forgot to bring his regular music to his aerobics class. He happened to have casette tapes of Latin dance music—salsa and merengue—and danced to them instead, which Pérez later taught as “Rumbacize”.[3][4] In 2001, Pérez partnered with Alberto Perlman and Alberto Aghion, and the trio released a series of fitness videos sold via infomercial.[5] Insight Venture Partners and the Raine Group made an investment in 2012.[6][7] The company expanded into class instruction and by 2015, according to Perlman, there were 14 million Zumba students in 186 countries.[8]

Though the word “zumba” has several meanings in e.g. Castilian and Latin American Spanish,[9][10] it is stated by Zumba Fitness, LLC to be a neologism that was expressly created as a brand name.[11] The original name was “Rumbacize”, a portmanteau of rumba (a Spanish word for “party” and various dances) and Jazzercize.

source: Wikipedia

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