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acapella choir in North London

Looking for a choir in North London? Could an Acapella choir suit you? Acapella singing is singing without a backing track or accompanying instrument – so only voices create the entire melody, rhythm and song. We’re a little different in that we use out feet to create the beats for the songs, so we’re singing accompanied by movement. Most people associate acapella choirs with jazzy sound – lots of ‘doobydoowah’ in the background, but we’re not like that. We try to recreate our songs (which are sourced from pop music, rock n’roll, the classics, alternative, show tunes and even the odd classical piece) to be as close to the original song as possible.

We also build our songs from the ground up, so create the backbones for the song and then build parts and rhythm to the songs around the backbones of the song. We’re looking for all sorts of people – singers who want to sing along with the tunes, dancers who only want to make the rhythm, singers who enjoy complex harmony, those who want to shine as solo singers and those who want to a bit of everything. All you’ll need is a love for music, a good sense of pitch and rhythm. So if you would like to come to a Taster session, please drop us an email

Our Taster session is absolutely free so you can see if you like us or not. The only thing is that we are currently limited to six singers per session according to government guidelines. We also follow strict government guidelines to reduce the spread of Covid 19. Do have a look at our Facebook Page for weekly updates about rehearsals. We meet every Tuesday evening upstairs at the Subud Centre in New Barnet, with free parking, good bus and train links, perfect for a choir in North London.

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